How do I use One4All Gift Cards to purchase on your site?

Use the card the same as if it were a Visa / Mastercard during checkout and when asked to input name on card, input your own name (as no name on card).

How long do the Candles burn for?

There in no one simple answer to this question. Burn time is affected by both the Candle variables and also the Environmental variables. In terms of the Candle, we use the same wax in all of the Candles (Soy Wax) but the wicks vary as of course do the fragrances. Therefore no two fragrances burn exactly the same. Environmental conditions also affect burn time and if the candle is near a draught for example it can burn much faster. It's also important to follow the guidelines so the first burn should be long enough to melt the entire surface evenly, and no burn should exceed 4 hours. So, as you can see it's not starighforward. Having said that, as an approximate guide one would expect soy wax to burn circa 5g per hour.