Product Information


All of our candles and diffusers are premium handmade products. They are designed to not only smell good but also to look good - whether in your home, at work or in a hospitality setting (hotel / bar / spa etc). Our commitment to the aesthetic of our products is obvious from the packaging, the jars and bottles used and even to the mailer boxes we use to send the products to you.

We use apothecary style amber glass jars for our candles. There are a couple of reasons for using these rather than the typical candle jar. Firstly, they look far better - whether with a candle lit inside or, just as importantly when the jar is just sitting on your desk, sideboard, worktop etc. When you consider that the candle will probably only be lit for a small percentage of the time you have it, you begin to appreciate how important it is to be aesthetically pleasing. When the flame is lighting, the contrast between the dark amber glass and the brightness of the flame is both visually attractive and relaxing. Turn off the lights in the room and you’ll see what we mean. The candle jars have a metal lid which also provides a nice contrast and importantly we are doing our utmost to avoid using plastics from an environmental perspective. Both the jar and the lid can be recycled and we’d encourage you to wash them out and to re-use them for storage.

We also use the same apothecary style glass for the Reed Diffusers which come in an Amber Glass Bottle. Again the focus here is not just the fragrance but also the aesthetic. Typically a Diffuser will last 3-4 months so if you're going to be looking at it for that length of time, apart from smelling good it also needs to look good



We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment. Our main focus is to avoid using plastic given how harmful it is. At present the only plastic we use in our products or packaging is the cap on the diffuser bottles. There is no other plastic in our products or in our packaging so we can genuinely say we are virtually plastic free. We tried using a metal cap on the Diffuser Bottle but it just doesn’t seal the bottle as well as the plastic cap so we’re continuing the search for an alternative so that we will be able to say that we are 100% plastic free. 

We only use natural (renewable) plant based waxes rather than the traditional paraffin (petroleum) based waxes. Not only are our waxes plant based but we also deliberately avoid wax from genetically modified (GM) crops. All of our Candles are vegan.

Our Reed Diffuser base is a bio based solvent made from a renewable source while the Fragrance Oils we use are all phthalate free. 

In terms of packaging materials, we use re-cycled cardboard / paper where possible and use paper based materials to fill voids in our shipping boxes rather than any of those annoying plastic based loose fill chips / materials.