Time to say Goodbye

Today (1st October 2021) marks the last day of pyFU's first year in business. We launched the business this time last year in the midst of all the Covid related restrictions, having come up with the idea during lockdown in an attempt to keep ourselves productive. Prior to this we had worked in financial services for many years, but had sold that business at the end of 2019 and planned to take time out to do other things but unfortunately it wasn't to be in 2020.

We were interested in trying an online business and candles seemed ideal. What we didn't fully appreciate at the time was that while the perception of selling online is that you are potentially making money 24/7, the related reality is that an online business never shuts, so for small business owners it can be very demanding. Manufacturing was also something new to try and again we learnt so much particularly around the supply chain challenges. The last year has been the perfect storm with both Covid and Brexit to contend with and we have so much admiration for all the small business owners out there who battle these challenges every day.

Now that thankfully the world is getting back to some version of normality we are faced with the choice of whether we have the appetite (and ability) to try to take the business on further or if we should return to the other non-work related life plans we had made? On balance the latter is our preference as we feel that having put in the hard yards over many years previously, we'd now like to do other things. With this in mind, we have approached some of the other Candle Manufacturers to see if they would have any interest in acquiring the business, but these things take time and may not be possible in the timeframe we'd want. 

So rather than depend on anyone else and in order to guarantee that we can exit by year end, today we are launching a Closing Down Sale which will finish no later than Fri 17th December (or earlier if we run out of stock). The sole focus of the sale will be our Gift Bundles, which are available in 5 different product combinations, each of which can be customised with your chosen candles / diffusers and benefit from a 30% discount. Note that individual product purchases will not be discounted so the Gift Bundles are far more efficient for you and us.

In the meantime, if a suitable buyer emerges for the business, we would of course be delighted as we'd love to see the brand awareness and goodwill achieved built upon, and we believe it could potentially be a much wider lifestyle brand not just focused on candles and diffusers. Anyway, we'll see what happens over the coming weeks. 

So to finish, we just want to say thanks for all the support you've given us as a small Irish startup business! We've really enjoyed the experience and have learnt so much. We'd also encourage you all to continue to support the many great small Irish Business' out there as your support really made such a difference to us on our journey. Thank you!


Joe & Deirdre


Closing down Sale - 30% off Gift Bundles